About Us

We have been in Ottawa for almost twelve years, but roasting coffee for closer to twenty years. We roast in small batches focusing on a great product from the ground up. We get our green beans from partners who source out excellent coffee straight from the farmer. Our coffee comes from all over the world, and when we can we buy Organic. Some of our coffee is called Natural coffee, coming from farms that don't use pesticides but also don't pay for the costly Organic certification (this is most commonly the case in Ethiopia). 

A lot of our coffee are blends, which means we have carefully selected beans from various countries that complement one another. But most importantly we roast every few days, which means your coffee is always as fresh as possible!

When you come to I Deal in Ottawa, you get amazing coffee paired with great food from our scratch kitchen. Our team prepares our food menu fresh every day. We honour the labor and the flavours. We are passionated about good food and our enthusiasm for working together to provide our guest the best experience we can possible do, is contagious!

We believe in connecting people, leaving and enjoying a simple life. That is why, we do our best to serve you, your friends and family, an always fresh, great cup of coffee, home style food in a welcoming, layback environment.

Welcome to I Deal Coffee & Kitchen.

THANK YOU for your support!